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In 1982 I started a restaurant business, the “KRI-KRI”, and since then I worked very hard to establish it among the top ten restaurants in Greece, as it currently rates on the basis of national food experts. I attribute my success to my deep appreciation to Greek culture and, most of all, to the richness of what we call traditional Mediterranean diet.

I started with a dream and committed myself to give it substance and at the same time promoted the greatness of our traditional cuisine. This involved traveling around Greece and the Mediterranean collection interesting recipes.

I discovered unrecorded recipes handed down to people by oral tradition. However, such dishes as salted-cod with caper, stuffed clams, lobster with spaghetti, and Mediterranean diet delicacies would not have been so palatable if it were not for the delicious vine leaves, caper and other aromatic herbs of Greece.

Those who tried to copy the KRI-KRI Menu failed to reproduce our unique tastes. Our guests, however, do not fail to notice the care and love we give to our dishes. They sense the greatness of the unsurpassed Mediterranean, Greek cuisine.

Whether you are an expert on tastes or not, you may be wondering what makes our dishes unique. Perhaps it is the pure ingredients we use, perhaps our love and care for what we do, tradition. Perhaps it is all of the above.

Old, traditional recipes are a family affair. They are reviewed by my family members and adjusted to modern times without vulgar interventions. We are always anxious about the result, which never failed to do justice to our efforts. However, the final ruling is always the privilege of our guests.

By creating the KRI-KRI, I realized my dream – I established a second home, a warm and hospitable environment for my guests. It would be a great pleasure to have you among my guests. Your comments about our creations will be invaluable and contribute significantly to improving our cuisine. Cooking is art with limitless margins for improvement.

In anticipation of your patronage, I remain
Sincerely Yours
George Zacharioudakis

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